Who Are the Top LED Strip Lights Suppliers This Year?

Rise in the demand for energy-efficient lighting solutions across residential, commercial and industrial sector is leading to growing market of LED strip lights. Innovation, quality and market reach have earned a number of suppliers notable mentions this year. In this article, we check out the top manufacturers of LED strip light in 2018 that are on their approach to eliminating compact fluorescents being a supply for residence lighting and through prototyping your house automated exhibition entrance at import message boards all over.

Signify (Philips Lighting)

Though at this point they are getting sort of old story: Signify, known as Philips Lighting then and now a smaller player in the LED space than it used to be. More flexible LED strip lights, they are the new arrival of recent years and have become an incredible creative creativity from their predecessors in special fields. Earlier this year, Signify's share of the global market was around 12 percent. Their line of products is known for its robustness and has other capabilities like Tunable White so you can easily change the color, or it also works with Smart Home systems.


OSRAM is a top-rated lighting brand in the industry with broad-based LED strip lights. The firm is interested in high-power LEDs that work for commercial or extreme industrial use cases. OSRAM lighting division increased by 8% this year, a lot coming from their LED strip lights segment.

Cree Lighting

Cree Lighting is on the forefront of LED technology. They have a new batch of LED strip lights in 2018 with high lumens per watt, meaning you get more light but consume fewer watts. Cree remains a market favorite, due to its dedication to sustainability and energy efficiency, growing 9% in sales this year.


What Makes NICHIA Such an Impressive Light Manufacturer? The Japanese firm has excelled in producing LED strip lights with high color rendering index (CRI), which renders its application suitable for environments where true to life colors must be displayed like photography studios and retail. The continuation of the global strategy is also reflected in an extended market share NICHIA was able to achieve during this year, with a further expansion within Europe and North America.


We review LIFX - one of the biggest names in smart lighting Play different, no shape light belt can smoke these interest an arrangement in LED strip lights are totally adjustable and quiet with most savvy home platforms. A tape strip of LIFX offers a whole lot of shades and is broadly followed by way of residential markets for ease in use, set up etc....... led by demand for smart home friendly lighting Source: Signify Note- Philips Hue sales have jumped 15% The company has reported a healthy uptick in its consumer business, which witnessed a major share coming due to the rise in popularity of smart home compatible lighting solutions.

This group of companies not only ranks top in production and sales, but is also the driving innovation force at the industry level for LED lighting products. The products combine energy efficiency, longevity and functionality to cover a broad spectrum of customers from residential atmosphere up to industrial stability.

So, for those who are interested in purchasing good quality LED strip lights from reputed manufacturers should consider taking a look at the products available with these suppliers. Their dedication to quality and innovation makes them stand out in a saturated market where every consumers/ businesses has access the best lighting solutions that are available today.

For those looking to source high-quality LED strip lights from trusted manufacturers, exploring offerings from these top led strip lights suppliers is a great starting point. Their commitment to quality and innovation sets them apart in a crowded market, ensuring that consumers and businesses alike have access to the best lighting solutions available today.

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